Strategies for sustainable success.
Digital transformation has the potential to be the driving force behind the success of your business. In the ever-changing economic environment, it is vital to know precisely what is needed to achieve business objectives.
The future of your company depends on the products and services you are building and the strategies behind them.
Read about the topics that can serve as a helpful guide to your decision-making process.

How blogs drive traffic to your website

You probably want to know how to get more clients to learn about your business and eventually, hire you for a project. See how writing blogs can help you in that endeavor.

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Cover of the e- book

How to create an e-book from scratch

We have published our first e-book as part of our barrage of free resources. But how did we go about writing it, and whom did we write it for? The answers await you in this blog.

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Person looking at a GiHub profile

Creating a profile any employer would want to see: GitHub edition

Europass? No thanks, I’ll pass. There are much better ways for software developers to flaunt their skills in their CVs to get noticed by employers.

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Man drawing a pie chart

3 steps to conduct niche market research using Travelspot as an example

One of prerequisites of a successful business is knowing your market and customers. But how do you find your nook in a market oversaturated with a million ideas and products? This blog offers a simple 3-step process to do just that.

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Two coworkers smiling

Workplace motivation: why should you embrace intrinsic motivation over extrinsic?

We all know extrinsic motivators make the world go around, but why is it that intrinsic ones nurture far more lasting results?

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A man writing on glass

4 reasons you need a software consultant

Software developers keen on a career change often become software consultants - who better to advise companies on software solutions that’ll fit their needs best than someone well-versed in software development?

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Company's ISO certificates

Why is ISO certification important for software companies?

ISO certification is the bedrock of any business collaboration, especially an international one, as it represents a validation that the quality of your product or service is up to par. 

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