A guide to preparing for the IT conference season

Conferences… fun to attend but challenging to manage. How to know which ones are worth attending and who to send to ensure your company benefits from the event? This guide has all the tips and tricks you’ll need.

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Cover of the e- book

How to create an e-book from scratch

We have published our first e-book as part of our barrage of free resources. But how did we go about writing it, and whom did we write it for? The answers await you in this blog.

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Mining app on the smartphone

How to start mining

If you’ve ever wondered why and how to mine but didn't know where to start, then this blog is a great answer to all of your questions. Read on to find out what you need to dive into this business.

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Employee spotlight: Slaven Brtan

Employee spotlight: Slaven Brtan

A leader, both at work and private life, Slaven Brtan, our Data Center Reliability Group Lead, is passionate about a number of things, such as crypto and drones — and coffee, definitely coffee.

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SDET looking at code

5 common mistakes in test automation and their mitigation

While one would say that every SDET’s main task is making developers cry, an informed person would know that it happens only every so often and that they actually come with useful pieces of advice and not just bug reports.

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Person looking at a GiHub profile

Creating a profile any employer would want to see: GitHub edition

Europass? No thanks, I’ll pass. There are much better ways for software developers to flaunt their skills in their CVs to get noticed by employers.

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Man drawing a pie chart

3 steps to conduct niche market research using Travelspot as an example

One of prerequisites of a successful business is knowing your market and customers. But how do you find your nook in a market oversaturated with a million ideas and products? This blog offers a simple 3-step process to do just that.

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