Code smells and Anti-patterns: How to recognize bad code

‘Who doesn’t love a bit of bug fixing?’, said no one…probably ever. To make your code cleaner and more reliable, peek into this blog and learn to recognize the signs of poorly structured or inefficient code.

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The new 2024 conference season is here!

Inspired by last year's experience, we were getting ready for the new era of events. That said, let us tell you which conferences we plan on visiting to do our business.

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Team Spotlight: Design

This special edition of the spotlight series features a team of pragmatic visionaries—our designers! Learn more about this creative bunch’s typical day, the tools they use, what motivates them, and other team insights.

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BTC halving: what occurs, why, and when

Due to the BTC halving occurring on April 20, 2024, we dedicate a short story on what BTC halving is, why it happens, its causes, and its recurrence interval.

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The rise of AI in software development: enhancing productivity and creativity

Allow us to demonstrate how leveraging ChatGPT, Gemini, and GitHub Copilot AI tools can help you do your daily tasks or scale your business.

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Employee spotlight: Bruno Lipovac

A firestarter or a firefighter - which role did Bruno Lipovac, our Senior Backend Developer and Team Leader, take on when he was a kid? Well, the only way to find out this and other interesting details about him is to read this blog!

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Employee spotlight: Bruno Spajić

Eager, ambitious, and motivated, our Bruno Spajić works hard in his role as Junior Frontend Developer, making us all proud. Other than mentioning he never procrastinates, check out what other details of his life-work philosophy he shared with us!

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