More than just a tool.
Quality products are built through the application of good technology and even better technical skills. Problem-solving, value-maximizing, efficiency, innovation, security, and risk management depend on it.
And one way to master the skill is to show how a particular problem was solved and get useful feedback.
Read our contribution to a collaborative educational culture of the IT industry.

The benefits of using ChatGPT to improve your app

Adding a bonus ability to your app with ChatGPT's help? No problem. Check out our ideas for leveraging  - with some useful advice on how you can do it too!

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How to apply hexagonal architecture to Rust

For all of you Rust-lovers out there, we have a treat for you: let’s walk through the steps of applying hexagonal architecture to Rust so you can adopt this approach to your robust projects as well.

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Here’s how Angular made me understand code better

Who's afraid of the big-bad Angular? Certainly not our Krešimir, who thoroughly explained what a significant impact Angular had on his programming journey and helped him to enhance his coding skills.

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Progressive Web Apps: save time and improve user experience on all devices

Have you ever used Progressive Web Apps? If you haven’t but want to gain high-quality apps, improve UX and maybe save some time in the development process, keep on reading to find out why PWA is the solution.

Reading Time 11 minutes

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Why responsive design is no longer enough for developers and designers

It is a well-known fact that responsive design has long been the preferred choice for web developers and designers. Is it time to rethink the dominance of responsive design, considering that even industry giants like Airbnb and LinkedIn have moved away from its usage? 

Reading Time 9 minutes

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How and why to learn the most loved programming language - Rust

Do you want to know why Rust is highly favored among programmers and get valuable tips on initiating your own Rust learning journey? Of course, you do. Read on to see what we’re talking about!

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Secure and efficient data analysis: exploring the intersection of machine learning and blockchain

What do ML and blockchain have in common, and how is their use linked? Security and data privacy are the "crossroad" of their teamwork. How? Read on to find out.

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