More than just a tool.
Quality products are built through the application of good technology and even better technical skills. Problem-solving, value-maximizing, efficiency, innovation, security, and risk management depend on it.
And one way to master the skill is to show how a particular problem was solved and get useful feedback.
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Developer at his computer

From the 1st tutorial to your 1st frontend developer job

Every beginning is tricky…but that’s not a reason to give up pursuing your career in frontend development! Here are a few life hacks that will help you on your journey to landing your first job.

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DALL-E 2 - AI Image generator that expands creative possibilities

You want art, but can’t call yourself an artist? What if there is a way for an app to create art on demand? Let us introduce you to DALL-E 2, AI tech beyond the imaginative.

Reading Time 9 minutes

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NFTs' legal regulation in the USA, Europe, and South Korea

Now that you’ve created your NFT, or plan to buy one or sell it, you should be interested in the legal part of the NFT business flux.

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Three most common misconceptions about NFTs

NFTs are a big hype and a matter to chat about loudly in the general public. But what about the misconceptions about NFTs that stand without credit? Let us clear those once and for all.

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Calculating expenses for HPC

Don't let yourself be tricked: Here's what to watch out for when exploring the HPC providers' offers

Saying that navigating through HPC providers' offers can be confusing is an understatement. Here are a few things to focus on to avoid making mistakes when choosing a high-performance computing solution.

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Sustainability in HPC data centers: different sources of energy

The future is sustainable, that much is clear. However, making this future a reality is a whole new ballgame. If you want to learn how high-performance data centers go about ensuring sustainability, read our blog post.

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How to choose a blockchain for your NFT

Find the right blockchain for your non-fungible token (NFT) and seize your chance to get on board with the billion-dollar worth phenomenon sweeping across the globe.

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