More than just a tool.
Quality products are built through the application of good technology and even better technical skills. Problem-solving, value-maximizing, efficiency, innovation, security, and risk management depend on it.
And one way to master the skill is to show how a particular problem was solved and get useful feedback.
Read our contribution to a collaborative educational culture of the IT industry.

Code smells and Anti-patterns: How to recognize bad code

‘Who doesn’t love a bit of bug fixing?’, said no one…probably ever. To make your code cleaner and more reliable, peek into this blog and learn to recognize the signs of poorly structured or inefficient code.

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BTC halving: what occurs, why, and when

Due to the BTC halving occurring on April 20, 2024, we dedicate a short story on what BTC halving is, why it happens, its causes, and its recurrence interval.

Reading Time 3 minutes

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The rise of AI in software development: enhancing productivity and creativity

Allow us to demonstrate how leveraging ChatGPT, Gemini, and GitHub Copilot AI tools can help you do your daily tasks or scale your business.

Reading Time 12 minutes

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Abstract Factory in cross-platform testing of native mobile apps

Manual testing is time-consuming, and with automation, some tests work better for Android and some for iOS. How can you streamline your work and enhance native mobile apps' testing reliability? The answer is - programming design patterns.

Reading Time 11 minutes

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Make your own GPT: Streamline your everyday work with a tailored bot

ChatGPT has just launched a version of GPTs that users can customize for their specific needs. Be among the first ones to test it and apply it to your everyday work tasks!

Reading Time 7 minutes

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Revolutionizing conferences: The story behind TGG Fellow

With TGG Fellow, a one-stop solution, everything a conference attendee needs to know is just a few clicks and scrolls away. Discover the inspiration behind its creation!

Reading Time 5 minutes

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Safeguarding your digital world: A guide to personal security in the digital age

How many people in your circle use identical passwords for their Facebook account and mobile shopping app? Are you one of those people? Share this blog with those in need of guidance related to personal security in the digital world.

Reading Time 7 minutes

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