Customer service

Customer satisfaction - a key success metric.
We have been providing customer relations to our clients for a while now. And what we've learned is that the "people-first" attitude and taking care of the customers' needs are the backbone of every successful business.
Because the quality of your customer service is an essential part of the promise your brand makes to your customers.
Read what you can do to keep that promise.
Coworkers discussing something

Knowledge base creation process explained

Knowledge base creation process from A to Z - what you need to know before tackling the project that will make the lives of your customer service team easier. 

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CX vs UX. Woman using tablet

What is the difference between customer experience and user experience

Although business goals and means of achieving them are dynamic in nature, nurturing rapport with customers is a constant. With that in mind, there are two factors that a reputable company should have in mind: customer experience and user experience.

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Antonio Jurlina - How to build a killer customer service team in 7 steps

How to build a killer customer service team in 7 steps

If you've ever wondered what customers really want and how to form a team that will successfully meet all their expectations, this is the blog for you.

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