DALL-E 2 - AI Image generator that expands creative possibilities

You want art, but can’t call yourself an artist? What if there is a way for an app to create art on demand? Let us introduce you to DALL-E 2, AI tech beyond the imaginative.

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Will blockchain’s future be Cross-chain or Multichain?

What makes blockchains interoperability possible? Cross-chain bridges and Multichain platforms. What are the pluses and the minuses of both? Read about it in our new blog.

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Employee spotlight: Josip Silađi

He ensures our systems are running smoothly and is a tech-savvy individual who enjoys the outdoors. Let us introduce you to our Lead System Operations Administrator, Josip Silađi.

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Social media event coverage: how to do it right

What is the formula for a successful organization of content bombing your social media channels during/after the business event?

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And then there was…The Geek Gathering

Lectures, workshops, discussions, and masterclasses from the digital world. However, there was more! Good crew, good talks, and great food with awesome music - the geeks gathered and chilled together.

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NFTs' legal regulation in the USA, Europe, and South Korea

Now that you’ve created your NFT, or plan to buy one or sell it, you should be interested in the legal part of the NFT business flux.

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Employee spotlight: Larisa Šomođi

She faces challenges at work eagerly and with zeal. Here's a quick introduction to Larisa Šomođi, a Senior Product Owner in Software Development who loves cycling and hiking as much as she loves her job.

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