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Reaching the next milestone.

Created with the goal to form a team of experts that provide digital solutions by using cutting-edge technology, our company is always on the lookout for new opportunities to deliver reliable products and services to businesses.

Many activities along this way enriched us with new perspectives, know-how, innovations, and people.

Read about all that makes our company what it is today - your digital barrage.

Fearlessly throughout the 2022

Unstoppable and hard working. Nothing could have stopped us in 2022 - check out how we did!

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Employee spotlight: Dino Bajramović

Employee spotlight: Dino Bajramović

It’s high time to put Dino Bajramović, our Senior Backend Software Engineer, into the spotlight: a man whose analytical skills and ability to push his limits have preordained him to be a successful backend developer.

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Employee spotlight: Antonio Jurlina

In addition to great taste in music, he has a knack for seeing things artistically. It's time to introduce our Customer Services Group Coordinator, Antonio Jurlina.

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Employee spotlight: Josip Silađi

He ensures our systems are running smoothly and is a tech-savvy individual who enjoys the outdoors. Let us introduce you to our Lead System Operations Administrator, Josip Silađi.

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And then there was…The Geek Gathering

Lectures, workshops, discussions, and masterclasses from the digital world. However, there was more! Good crew, good talks, and great food with awesome music - the geeks gathered and chilled together.

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Employee spotlight: Larisa Šomođi

She faces challenges at work eagerly and with zeal. Here's a quick introduction to Larisa Šomođi, a Senior Product Owner in Software Development who loves cycling and hiking as much as she loves her job.

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Employee spotlight: Matej Žagar

Do you want to know more about our Matej Žagar, a passionate bass guitar player and concert enthusiast, also a Backend Software Engineer and Tech Lead? Of course you do. Read our blog for more info!

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