Spotlight: B2Run team

Although not officially in our organizational structure, this team sure breaks up a sweat to achieve its goal—and we mean literally, as they represent us in the B2Run race. Keep reading to get to know our amazing running team!

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“When you run alone, you run fast. When you run together, you run far,” goes a proverb.

Although running is a metaphor for the importance of teamwork, something our team also nurtures, a few of our colleagues also represent Barrage’s colors in non-metaphorical i.e. genuine races.

With this year’s race in Osijek a few days away, we talked with our B2Run team captain, Petar Mikulić—read on to learn more about the team’s beginnings, motivation, preparation, and other interesting insights!

Can you tell us a bit about Barrage’s beginnings in B2Run - when and where was our first race?

The initiative for the race started when an (ex-)colleague suggested that we could participate. Other coworkers seemed just as enthusiastic as I, so in 2019, we applied for our very first race in Osijek. 

Given the number of people working in the Osijek office at that time, the turnout was great—actually, the biggest to this day! There were 14 colleagues in that race, some in better shape than others, but we really had a good time.

The “original” runners, back in 2019

In which cities have we run so far?

So far, Osijek (5 times) and Zagreb (once). We planned on going to Split this year as well, but although we couldn’t make it, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a Split debut next year. 

What is our best team result?

The best team result, based on the first 3 runners, was achieved in our last race in Zagreb. 

Together, we completed the race in 1 hour, 12 minutes, and 47 seconds, which means that, on average, everyone finished the 5 km run in less than 25 minutes. I’m happy to see that we are getting better every year!

The best team result achieved in Zagreb in 2023

What do you think is the biggest motivator: why do people participate in B2Run?

I think the best motivators are ourselves since it is a recreational activity, and we do not have to impress anyone with a top result; it is just to prove to ourselves that it can be done.

Besides this, I think people participate in the race because they want to achieve something together with their coworkers and support each other in activities other than work-related. Spending time in great company and short excursions to races in other cities also do the trick.

Despite the rain, the team spirit before the race is high

What do preparations look like?

At first, when we were pretty hyped up for the race, we organized training sessions on the Srednjika (high school playground) and the Promenade where we got together and, depending on the previous fitness level, everybody got their program (tempo) to follow.

When we weren't running together, we shared our training plans and the results on Slack, our work communication platform. 

Now, there is no specific preparation for the race since all colleagues who will be running are already involved in some form of recreation, so all they need to do is come to the start and try to give it “all they have” (:

Preparing for the race

What are the responsibilities of a captain?

As a team captain, I make sure that all participants are in the loop when it comes to the dates, locations and the time of the races. In addition to that, I tend to the administrative portion of registering all team members to the race, and ensuring that they get the start package and running equipment before the race. 

But perhaps the most important “duty” is encouraging the team - regardless of whether they’re first-time participants or seasoned runners, everyone could use a little pep talk to sign up for the race.

Who has surprised you the most over the years?

Generally speaking, I wouldn't single anyone out because every year, someone stands out and surprises me with their result. Some people for whom I would have never said that they can do it, manage to achieve some respectful time.

But if I had to choose somebody, it would be our CIO, Ivan Rimac, who managed to run all races with us, except for one.It is a great boost for colleagues to see they have support from “the top.” :D

How important for the team is the support of the coworkers who come to cheer them on?

It is always better to run with the support of a colleague on the side. Your motivation is then higher, and that leads to better results. 

We have had great support from our colleagues at every race we have run in Osijek, and this year will be no different.

How does the team celebrate the race?

We celebrate as a team at the site. There is always a complimentary drink (beer mainly), and we enjoy it a bit :D Since we had to travel some distance for our race in Zagreb (about 500 km in total), after we finished it, we celebrated at some fine restaurant with many grill specialties and a few drinks :D 


What message do you have for your team for the upcoming race on June 20th in Osijek?

Just give everything (100%) you have, and you will be satisfied with your result.

What we all like to say before the race is this: Let’s try to make our PB (personal best) result! 

Go Barrage!

Osijek, post-race, 2023

What does our CIO, Ivan Rimac, who's part of our running team, think about our running initiative?

The B2Run race is great for our company spirit as it matches what we stand for—health and teamwork. 

It gets everyone out of the office and working together in a different way, which really helps with team bonding. It’s a chance for everyone to get active, which is always good for mood and health. Plus, it’s a fun way to meet with other companies and people in the area. It's good for morale, and it’s good for the business.