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Research and product discovery

Ensure that your digital products' "background check" has been done thoroughly and from credible sources.

As we gain a 360° view of your product-to-be, we research market needs, analyze your competition, and collect information on your target audience’s preferences to ensure the excellence of your digital product.

Through a well-defined product strategy, we validate an idea or enrich an existing one by forming solid insights from a panoramic to a granular view.

Market research and analysis

We identify your industry market's needs and size and analyze your competition, acquiring comprehensive information regarding your business ecosystem and targeted audiences.

Product analysis

To convert a high-level product description into project deliverables according to requirements, we analyze all of its components - its purpose, operation, and characteristics.

Business analysis

By obtaining a granular view of your business, we identify its challenges, pain points, and requirements. We detect improvements that will refine your product's performance.

Systems analysis

After we identify and analyze your business goals, purposes, processes, and performance, we form and implement an efficient product strategy into the product creation process.

UI research and analysis

We describe this process as information gathering on what the human eye sees, after which we confirm the product direction since it is a vital part of the product strategy.

UX research and analysis

After thorough product matter research with qualitative methods, we progress to quantitative analysis to find answers to questions about how and why people use the product.

We continuously keep track of current trends and emerging concepts and technologies.

Our expertise


High-performance computing

Our research findings vary from info on industry leaders, service packages, prices, and equipment features (GPU, CPU) to the market's and competitors’ strategies.


Blockchain technology

We collect data on distributed ledger technologies and associated concepts such as NFT and crypto and establish a knowledge base for clients’ business growth.



Through market and competitor research and comparison, we gain insight into telco cloud-based services and customer experience to optimize product strategy.


Artificial intelligence

Owing to our experience, we diligently stay in tune with AI technology's unique progress, including modus operandi, applications, and ethical considerations..

Continuous research is a form of active listening - that’s how we take part in creating value for the world.