Why you should invest in HPC

The investing venture lies in:

  • Equipment for data centers
  • Data center facilities infrastructure
  • Innovative use cases (MaaS, GaaS, XaaS)

What does this e-book cover?

Second in the HPC assortment, this e-book appeals to perceptive visionaries who want to invest in HPC. To assist them with making informed decisions, it provides a standpoint on future requirements and essentials regarding data centers. What are the predictions, and which use cases are in store for a promising future?

You will learn about…


Value of the decentralized, well connected and smaller data center facilities.


Reasons why a data center's location is one of the key components when it comes to attracting clients.


Cloud computing services in rising which will benefit numerous business industries.

HPC investments bring high returns

HPC investments bring high returns - Whitepaper

“The financial ROI of HPC database consists of over 150 use cases worldwide that show an average revenue of $463 dollars per dollar of investment in HPC, as well as $44 of profit for every dollar of investment in HPC. To put that into context, for an HPC system purchased at $100,000 by a private corporation, the analysis estimates that the profit will be around $4.4 million.”

Alex Norton and Earl Joseph, Hyperion Research

Investors pouring money in data centers expect high

Survey: Investors pouring money in data centers expect high returns

“Investors poured more money in North American data centers last year than they did in any previous year – more than in three previous years combined, according to CBRE – and the level of investment is expected to rise even further this year.”

Yevgeniy Sverdlik, DataCenter Knowledge

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Why should you invest in HPC?

The global HPC market is estimated to have reached US$ 37.1 billion in 2020 and is further projected to reach US$ 54.4 billion by 2027.

Science and technology progress and demand new or advanced HPC services, which makes financing HPC increasingly necessary.

Why is that?

HPC brings global advancements in many areas, such as medicine (new treatments based on personalized medicine), agriculture (smart farming simulations), meteorology and climatology (predicting and managing the effects of natural disasters), and even more.

To an investor, from this angle, the profits of this investing endeavor look more than just good.