The revelation of AI: exploring what runs this mind-blowing technology

What will we unravel?

  • The tales of AI technology's early beginnings
  • The “hidden” systems driving AI technology’s power
  • The diversity of AI technology types and their capabilities

What is it about?

Let us take you on an amazing voyage; from the genesis of AI to what it finally came to be today - and what might that same technology do for us in the future. To fully appreciate and comprehend AI’s applications, we'll explain to you the fundamentals of how this tech works. Also, we included a thorough explanation of AI tech types, showing you what each of them can do. In addition to this classification, we described another division of AI (weak and strong) with an emphasis on the differences in capabilities of each type.

Get a grasp on the fundamentals by:


Learning about components and processes behind the scenes of AI technology


Acquiring info on AI tech’s functionality and capability showcased through its classification


Exploring the predictions for AI technology’s development in the (not so distant) future

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