Employee spotlight: Luka Nesek

Read the tale of a man on a mission to find his lost cup: Luka Nesek, Mid Graphic, Web and UI/UX Designer. If you want to know the whole narrative, dive into the whole story below.

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How did you first learn about Barrage, and what has kept you here?

I first heard about Barrage through my buddy Lovro and my ex-colleague and UX/UI mentor, Dominik. 

Lovro couldn't stop talking about the fantastic atmosphere and projects. I was intrigued, but firstly, I decided to work on my design skills before I applied.

I found inspiration in the challenges Barrage took on and decided that this was where I wanted to learn, work, and get myself ready for whatever came my way.

It took me a year of dedication, learning, and preparation before I applied for a job - and it took some courage.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

Choosing just one mentor feels almost unfair when I have the privilege of working with two incredible individuals, Josip Zupčić and Larisa Šomođi.

Josip, my current project teammate, is not just a mentor in the design team; he's practically a design wizard. It's like he knows the ins and outs of design better than design knows itself. His insights and guidance have been invaluable in shaping my approach to design challenges.

On the other side, there is Larisa Šomođi, the embodiment of organization and concentration. I've never met someone so meticulous and focused.

Also, we share the office, and the two of them often have chocolates on them, which also plays in their favor. :) 

What drew you to Digital Product Design? Have you always worked in UX/UI design roles?

Actually, Digital Product Design is the perfect blend of two lifelong loves: drawing and creating with purpose and usability. I've always been equally passionate about drawing and crafting things with purpose and usability, no matter the size.

Barrage's journey marks my first dive into UX/UI design roles. Every day, I am actually merging creativity with functionality, hence turning passion into purpose.

When you combine the two and imagine that the result of your work can potentially be used by millions of people, to me, that carries a great meaning.

What’s been the most memorable experience during your tenure so far at Barrage?

Pinpointing a single memorable experience at Barrage is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. 

What stands out the most is the collective effort of people tackling significant challenges every day. The energy and dedication put into overcoming hurdles are inspiring. 

Witnessing this progress, coupled with a healthy dose of laughter, is what makes each day memorable.

One of the most heartwarming experiences I've had since joining Barrage is reconnecting with a dear friend, Karlo Petrović. We hadn't hung out since we were toddlers, and our paths diverged until we reunited at Barrage at the age of 26.

Our bond has grown so strong that I always tease Karlo, for example, by claiming those 25 years without him were the most beautiful and the most pleasant years of my life. :)

Karlo enthusiastically celebrated Luka’s first birthday

Karlo enthusiastically celebrated Luka’s first birthday 

26 years after

26 years after

What do you like most about your job?

What I love the most is that when we work, we usually delve into uncertainty. There's a unique thrill in reminiscing about the beginnings when we were faced with suspense about what lay ahead.

Fast forward, and that initial confusion transforms into a sense of accomplishment. The satisfaction of looking back and realizing that, despite the initial lack of clarity, we've created the best possible product version is unrivaled.

It's not just about completing tasks; it's about the growth, collaboration, and determination that go into crafting something exceptional. That feeling of turning uncertainties into success is what makes every challenge worthwhile and keeps me passionate about what I do.

How do you define success in life? 

For me, success in life is equal to the transformative journey I experience in my job. It's not just about reaching the finish line but embracing the process, growth, and continuous pursuit of becoming the best possible version of yourself. 

Success is found in the meaningful connections we make, the challenges we conquer, and the positive impact we leave on the world. In essence, it takes some time to succeed, and each step forward you make is a victory you should celebrate.

Luka Nesquik, Nesek-iraj se, Lucus Nesequos…We heard you had many office nicknames. Could you elaborate on your favorite ones for us? :) 

What makes these nicknames special is the joy they bring to the workplace. It's not just about a quirky title; it's about the camaraderie and the shared laughter that accompanies them. I've learned to appreciate the small details, which is the practice I often apply to my design. Whether using my birthday date as a placeholder text or incorporating a meaningful nickname, it's my way of infusing joy into the work we do. After all, it's the little things that make our office time memorable and enjoyable. 

I think that lately, my favorite nickname has been Nesek-iraj se because it’s literal, and sends a pretty direct message about life.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

I am a rather outgoing person, and that’s how I spend my free time: hanging out with my closest people. So, when I’m not at work, I am in constant pursuit of new experiences that add flavor to the social chapters of my life.

Luka in Amsterdam

Luka in Amsterdam

How hard is it to be unique in your work?

Being a unique designer is a thrilling challenge that actually comes with great awards—in a world flooded with ideas and designs, finding that distinctive touch requires a blend of creativity, innovation, and daring. 

It's about pushing boundaries, thinking outside the box, and not being afraid to take a different path. So, to answer the question, yes, from 1 to 10 of difficulty, it’s a firm 8.

Could you share the story of your “stolen coffee cup” that embarked on a world tour more extensive than your own travel? 

Picture this: a harmless office fun involving my cherished espresso cup turned into a global adventure. It all started with playful teasing—stickers, hidden items, and unplugged cables. 

But when my colleagues retaliated by hiding my espresso cup, little did I know it would become an unwitting explorer.

For weeks, I believed I had lost it, only to discover that my cup had embarked on a world tour, with pictures documenting its travels. In the past year, my stolen espresso cup has traveled more than I have, turning a simple office prank into a global tale.

Luka’s favorite cup on the world tour: a view from the Eiffel Tower

Luka’s favorite cup on the world tour: a view from the Eiffel Tower

When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?

Honestly, I laugh often, so it isn’t easy to recall the last time I laughed until tears rolled. I am also surrounded by a bunch of humor enthusiasts, so it’s hard to stay serious all the time. There's this classic quote that resonates with me: "A day without laughter is a wasted day." I couldn't agree more. In the midst of life's chaos, those moments of shared laughter are the ones that make every day truly worthwhile.

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