Employee spotlight: Bruno Spajić

Eager, ambitious, and motivated, our Bruno Spajić works hard in his role as Junior Frontend Developer, making us all proud. Other than mentioning he never procrastinates, check out what other details of his life-work philosophy he shared with us!

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How did you first learn about Barrage, and what has kept you here?

I initially discovered Barrage through my sister, who informed me about open job applications. After I successfully completed the Codility challenges, I eventually joined the Barrage Forge program. This program, spanning the initial three months, provided an immersive learning experience where I honed my skills. The unique aspect of the Forge program is that it transitions seamlessly from learning to practical application by assigning participants to real projects. This dynamic approach has been a key factor in keeping me engaged and motivated at Barrage.

The continuous exposure to diverse projects and their challenging nature have been instrumental in my professional growth and have solidified my commitment to Barrage.

What are the technical and additional skills that are needed to be a frontend developer?

To excel as a frontend developer, a well-rounded skill set is essential, and by that, I mean the mastery of HTML/CSS forms as the foundation, complemented by JavaScript expertise for dynamic content and interactions. Proficiency in modern frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js is crucial, along with being a problem solver and agile collaborator.

In the fast-paced world of frontend development, continuous learning is non-negotiable. I actively engage in online courses, immerse myself in the Vue.js and Nuxt.js communities, and contribute to open-source projects. This commitment ensures that our projects not only meet industry standards but also set them.

At Barrage, I am more than a frontend developer; I am an advocate for responsive and user-centric design and a proactive problem solver with an attitude that together, we can push the boundaries of frontend development and create digital experiences that leave a lasting impression.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

What gets me out of bed every morning and propels me to my workspace is the excitement of building top-notch applications. Being a front-end developer is not just a job for me; it's a constant journey of learning and taking on new challenges.

The satisfaction of seeing a project come to life, knowing that it's well-crafted and user-friendly, is what keeps me working with passion.

How did Barrage help you in your career development?

First and foremost, Barrage has a culture that values mentorship, and this has been a game-changer for me. Having access to experienced mentors willing to guide and share their knowledge has significantly accelerated my learning curve. It's not just about writing code; it's about understanding best practices and problem-solving strategies and gaining insights that go beyond textbooks.

The working environment at Barrage is nothing short of excellent. The office provides a conducive space for productivity, collaboration, and creativity. The emphasis on a positive workplace has contributed to my overall job satisfaction and motivation to excel in my role.

One of the standout aspects of Barrage is the dedication to providing time for skill adoption. The Forge program, which I undertook at the beginning of my career with Barrage, was an excellent foundation for my career. It equipped me with the essential skills needed to kickstart my journey as a developer This commitment has allowed me to invest time in learning new technologies, exploring emerging trends, and honing my skills. It's this forward-thinking approach that sets Barrage apart as an employer genuinely invested in the growth of its developers.

What is your approach to debugging? Do you panic, procrastinate, or get to it right away? :) 

When it comes to debugging, I like to think of myself as a tech detective on a mission. First things first, I go into lone wolf mode, diving headfirst into the code jungle to track down that elusive bug. It's just me, my keyboard, and the intense gaze of a developer on a mission.

Now, if I manage to crack the case and fix the bug solo, it's like a victory dance around my desk. But let's face it – bugs can be sneaky little creatures. If they decide to play hide-and-seek, and my solo expedition doesn't cut it, I switch gears.

At this point, I embrace the collaborative side of debugging. I bring in the big guns – my fellow developers. It's like a coding Avengers assemble moment, where we pool our knowledge and try to tackle the bug from different angles.

But, if by some twist of fate, the bug still lingers, I don't throw in the towel. Oh no, I go deeper. I start digging into the dark corners of documentation, forums, and Stack Overflow, determined to unravel the mysteries of the code underworld. It's like a quest – a debugging odyssey if you will.

In the end, whether I conquer the bug alone or with my coding comrades, the key is to stay cool, keep the humor intact, and remember that every bug conquered is a badge of honor in the grand adventure of software development. So, do I panic? Nah. Procrastinate? Not my style. I tackle it head-on!

Sharing loveable moments with his family in Međugorje.

We heard some funny anecdotes from your childhood days with your siblings, would you care to share your favorite one with us?  

Oh, the tales of sibling antics from my childhood are like a treasure trove of laughter and occasional mischief. One standout memory involves a game of hide and seek that turned into a wheat field escapade. Picture this: I'm the unsuspecting seeker, armed with determination and a questionable sense of direction. My sister, the cunning mastermind, decides to seek refuge in the vast expanse of a wheat field. Now, being the older and taller sibling, she easily escapes the tangled sea of wheat, leaving me in a picturesque yet perplexing, grainy predicament.

As I navigated through the wheat, desperately trying to uncover her hiding spot, reality hit me like a ton of... well, wheat. The height difference proved to be my downfall, and I found myself repeatedly colliding with the unyielding grains.

The end result? An infection in my eyes – a consequence of my relentless pursuit of victory in the name of hide and seek. Did I hold a grudge? Not a chance.

Sure, I may have had a momentary brush with the risk of turning blind, but hey, it's all in good fun, right? Now, as I reminisce about those wheat-filled escapades, it's with a grateful heart and a hearty chuckle. After all, what's childhood without a few bumps, pranks, and the occasional unexpected wheat-induced misadventure?

Bruno's dog Ari - posing proudly in front of the camera!

How do you define success in life? 

To me, success in life isn't measured by the thickness of your wallet or the heights of your career ladder. It's about finding peace in a company full of the right people, along with deriving satisfaction from life's small, often overlooked pleasures.

I believe that each individual is inherently unique, with a distinct purpose and potential waiting to be unraveled. True success lies in discovering and utilizing that potential to its fullest, embracing the journey of personal growth and fulfillment. Success, for me, is intricately tied to relationships and connections. It's about surrounding oneself with the right people – those who contribute to your well-being, inspire growth and share in your joys and sorrows.

Moreover, success is finding contentment in the warmth of shared laughter or the beauty found in everyday experiences.

It's understanding that the pursuit of happiness is a continual journey, not a final destination.

Quality spent family time.

Considering that you are a left-footed footballer (which is not so common) and, as we hear, very talented, how come you chose a career as a developer instead of a career as a professional football player?

While the love for football has been a constant adrenaline rush in my life, the choice to pursue a career in development over a professional football path was a calculated one, grounded in a blend of passion and practicality.

Football has always been more than just a sport for me; it's a source of joy, fellowship, and that indescribable rush when you make a move that leaves everyone in awe. However, the world of professional sports, especially football, is highly competitive and often unpredictable. The pursuit of a career in football demands not only exceptional talent but also a series of factors aligning perfectly – from opportunities to timing.

As I navigated the crossroads of my passions, I found that technology and development offered a different kind of playing field. The world of coding and creating digital solutions allowed me to channel my creativity and problem-solving skills in a dynamic environment. The excitement of building something from scratch and seeing it come to life mirrored the thrill of scoring a goal on the pitch.

Moreover, the IT industry is a realm where I found a community of like-minded individuals who share my enthusiasm for technology. It's a field that encourages continuous learning, much like honing football skills, and it provides a stable and versatile career path.

So, while I may not be making headlines on the football field, I've made a career choice that blends my passion for technology with the camaraderie and team spirit that football instilled in me.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would like to learn Spanish - I personally think it’s a really beautiful and colorful language, and it’s pretty useful because it’s spoken in more than just one country.

What is an ability you wish you had?

I always wanted to be able to fly! If you ask me why, I can only tell you that I would feel safer flying by myself, floating in the clouds, than flying by a plane :)

What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

Honestly, I can't think of any because I tend to watch what everyone else is watching. However, there is one story that stands out on this topic. I adopted the name Bruno after Antonio Fagundes, whose character was Bruno Mezenga in the Brasilian telenovela by the name "O Rei do Gado".

With his girlfriend in Milan.

What is the next life milestone you want to achieve?

The next milestone I'm striving for revolves around deepening my commitment to the people who mean the most to me—my family, friends, and the love of my life. 

For me, success isn't measured solely in career achievements or financial gains; it's about cultivating meaningful connections with those who bring joy and purpose to my life. I believe that these relationships are the true compass guiding me through the journey of life, ensuring I stay on the right path.

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