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Customer relations and services

Boost customer satisfaction levels and gain new clients by understanding their needs and focusing on providing value.

Turn over all operational necessities to our experienced team and shift your attention to optimizing your key resources.

Build customer connections

Our expertise areas



We provide long-term assistance and advisory on blockchain-facilitated processes to our worldwide partners, clients, and clients’ customers. Our team operates in multiple disciplines connected to the technology that is changing the way we do business for the better.


Global financial services

Professional guidance from signup to successful transactions and beyond is one of our specialties. Navigating through payment processing procedures, financial and commercial platforms with proficiency, we make even the most challenging processes a pleasant experience for the customer.


Travel and hospitality

Supporting travel and hospitality brands and a variety of connected services is our passion; we enjoy dynamic environments. Carefree traveling is our priority. We always go the extra mile to ensure your customers do the same.


Technology and security

When it comes to security, we create solutions that work and develop a protected environment for any organization. Technical customer support will serve as high-quality guidance in all areas, with an in-depth knowledge of hardware and software in question.



Our ability and eagerness to learn and take on new challenges make us one of the best in the field. No matter which platform or tool is required, we are quick to adapt while maintaining the highest communication standards.



Make us a part of your online strategy, and allow us to develop an exceptional shopping experience. Keeping a customer-centric attitude along the way, which leads to an increased retention rate, is a must.

Customers’ perspective turned into a competitive advantage


There are many strategies to properly take care of your customers, and we apply all of them. Regardless of the nature of the inquiry, we give our best performance. We dig deep to understand clients' customers' expectations to provide added value by communicating quality information truthfully and quickly.


Making your customers a priority and showing them they are appreciated has a beneficial impact on customer lifetime value. Customer journey strategies, timely problem solving, and responsiveness of our team directly affect customer loyalty and the sustainable growth of our clients' businesses.


We put in great efforts to provide a personal experience and gain comprehension of customers' wants. A well-throughout customer-centric approach backed up with data analysis builds long-term relationships, which results in higher ROI - keeping an existing customer happy requires less investment than acquiring a new one.


By giving a better understanding of your products and services, our customer relations representatives take care of your business. We provide a 360-degree customer view and care through quality assistance, proactive behavior, sales outreach, and satisfaction score tracking to increase conversion of your leads.

Brand advocacy

A collaborative environment connecting customer service, digital marketing, design, and content management team advocates our clients' success by forming an emotional bond with their customers. By painting them a broad and unique picture of your brand, we'll keep them highly engaged but also attract new, free customers.


Live chat service

Social media management


Full helpdesk service

Blockchain transaction analysis

Product smoke testing

Customer journey 360


When it comes to customer interactions, every second counts. Our team's advanced technical skills enable us to embrace the latest tools and platforms swiftly and deliver a great service for the client.

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What it takes to raise the bar of customer success


50+ years of combined customer service experience for clients from diverse niches deepened our understanding of various vital mechanisms and processes, allowing us to handle even the most challenging tasks efficiently. Expertise in fintech-related services, blockchain analysis, and VIP clients assistance are a guarantee of customer success regardless of the nature of the project.

Multi-tasking team

Our team has knowledge in various fields and conducts research, acquisition, satisfaction follow up, data analysis, sales, SM community management, analytics, and statistics reports. Best-in-class customer experience specialists are here to support product, service, and brand experiences for our clients and their customers.


By tracking every touch point (statistics and metrics) and measuring ROI (team, process, technology) of invested in CX and returns we convert unstructured data into structured one. Throughout each project, we measure customer satisfaction levels to ensure exceptional service and improve the overall customer journey for your customers.


Besides their primary customer relations skills, our team members are also experienced in specialized fields such as sales, credit card fraud detection, phishing detection, and social media community engagement. We employ our expertise to acquire new customers cost-efficiently in daily interactions by building strong customer relationships as a basis for the future of your business.


Our approach is simple but efficient: we always give additional effort to resolve complaints and treat every interaction as excellent feedback for performance and service/product improvement. High data protection culture, problem-solving mindset, focus on the VOC (voice of customer) and mentoring skills enable us to take an appropriate set of actions in every situation.

Complete set of services

Our full range of services is designed to prevent defection and maximize a customer's lifetime by transforming key learnings into well-balanced opportunities. From conversion to retention, we work hard to connect with your customers and increase their chances of staying loyal to your brand. As a result, your customer services and support will be coherent and robust.

Connect with us to connect with your customers.