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The fame of NFTs has grown as celebrities and mega-businesses get involved in auctions, bidding, and minting their collections while generating widespread awareness for NFTs.

So, what are they actually, and how are they connected to blockchain technology? How can you claim ownership over them, and in what industries do NFTs find their greatest popularity?

We reveal the answers to these questions in our e-book.

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The NFT essentials


Miscellaneous applications NFTs have in real life


The most reliable NFT marketplaces in offer

NFT use case in gaming

NFT use case in gaming

“We're here to create an ecosystem of amazing Axie gaming experiences with community and player-owned economies as foundational pillars. By doing this we will deliver property rights to all users of the internet, starting with gamers. Axie is a digital nation where people globally come together play, work, and make lifelong connections.”

Official Axie Infinity Whitepaper

NFT use case in fashion

NFT use case in fashion

“NFTs in fashion are driven by the demand for digitalization. According to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalized experiences. Technically speaking, an NFT is a digital record marked on a blockchain, but for consumers, it’s an opportunity to connect with brands they care about and enjoy unique experiences in the digital format they desire.”


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This e-book will answer your questions about the technology behind NFTs, what they can be used for, where you can create and trade them, as well as touch upon some controversial points.

Our team has ample experience with the blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs so we decided to share our knowledge of the fundamentals of NFTs with all of the enthusiasts who are getting started.