How to move NFTs across different blockchains

Learn how to:

  • Trade your NFTs using non-native currencies.
  • Transfer your assets with lower traffic and gas costs.
  • Sell your NFTs with quicker transaction processing speed.

What’s this e-book about?

This e-book is a map of how it is possible to use the interconnectivity of the different blockchains to manage your NFTs and other digital assets; you will learn about cross-chain technology and why it is an important addition to Web 3.

Which benefits do you get from the e-book?


Discover how blockchain technology can help you upgrade your business.


Learn how to seamlessly transfer NFTs and other assets such as health records, supply chain records, certificates, etc. between different blockchain networks.


Find out how to make money by trading NFTs across different marketplaces.

NFT Steve Aoki

Clone X - Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki bought his first CloneX NFT (#2004) for 13.95 ETH or US$ 42,500 at the time. He is convinced that NFTs will revolutionize the music industry, allowing artists to reclaim control from record labels.

“As music NFTs become more of a part of how we integrate and support artists, the labels will have to do more than just add the song on a playlist.”

NFT Reese Witherspoon

World of Women - Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon purchased World of Women #8072 for 2.8 ETH or ~ US$ 9000 at the time, joining the NFT group that celebrates equality and inclusivity of women in crypto markets.

“Are you curious about NFTs? Let’s learn together! Join us on @nftnow, where we discuss the ever-changing world of digital art, technology, and how artists can own their work.”

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What’s in it for your business?

Learn how NFT transactions can function as a “golden ticket” to your industry. These assets can be used to make more income, sell tickets, establish authenticity, raise funds, and even more. NFTs are not just digital art if you know how to employ them.