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Barrage team will transform your idea into a project by defining all necessary project stages and drive it through a proven process that guarantees a successful outcome.

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  • Specifications

    Well-written requirements and detailed specification are crucial for developing a successful service or product. This documentation lays out functional and non-functional client requirements, project scopes, architecture, description and other specifications created by a team of product and project managers, technical writers, programmers, designers and marketers based on technical standards. Having a clear vision of what the purpose of the final product is and how its going to be used is essential for the whole process of development.

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Agile approach

agile engineering and development approach

The agile software development model is a term for a set of frameworks and practices which helps us to provide fast responses and solutions. Agile methodology is all about being flexible, collaborative, and adaptive. We deliver small segments of working software into production in iterations by working closely with product owners.

We use the Scrum agile framework to deliver complex enterprise business solutions.

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